Gender and Diversity Empowerment Committee Unites MUNER Partners

The Gender and Diversity Empowerment Committee is born!

MUNER – the Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with its founding partners, universities and regular members, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Gender and Diversity Empowerment Committee, officially started its activities in February 2024. Formally constituted during the MUNER Board meeting on December 5, 2023, through the joint initiative of all partners, this Committee is dedicated to addressing gender issues in automotive and engineering education.

Professor Elena Bassoli, Professor at MUNER and Unimore, has been appointed as Coordinator and Professor Vittorio Ravaglioli, Professor at MUNER and Unibo, as Vice Coordinator.

The Committee seeks to actively engage all partner companies and universities associated with MUNER in promoting joint initiatives related to gender balance, equal opportunity, workforce inclusion, and beyond.

In a field characterized by significant gender disparities, addressing these issues is not only important but mandatory. The pursuit of tangible goals and the creation of fair and inclusive work and educational environments are fundamental to promoting greater representation of women and ensuring that the talents and abilities of all individuals, regardless of gender, are properly recognized and utilized.

The Committee is strongly committed to pursuing several key objectives, including promoting an inclusive corporate and academic culture that respects gender diversity, actively involving all stakeholders in decision-making processes and career opportunities, disseminating and exchanging best practices and success stories in gender equality, and implementing targeted educational programs to raise awareness and educate on gender equality issues. These objectives are crucial in promoting sustainable cultural and structural changes within the automotive and engineering sectors, thereby contributing to the creation of a more inclusive, equitable and respectful environment for all concerned.

In recent years, MUNER has been at the forefront of many activities related to gender equality, which will now be continued and further promoted by the Committee:

  • MUNER Summer School “Women in Transport”: A specialized training program tailored for female engineering students, endorsed by Women in Transport – EU Platform for Change, offering an immersive experience in the automotive world.
  • Participation in the international “Women in Motorcycling” campaign promoted by the FIM: This global promotional initiative aims to highlight the personal stories of trailblazers in the world of motorcycling.
  • F1 Scholarships: With the support of Formula 1, MUNER offers scholarships to students enrolled in the Advanced Automotive Engineering course who face physical, social, or economic challenges; who come from economically disadvantaged countries; who are underrepresented in engineering programs with a focus on career opportunities in Formula 1®; or who are stateless, under international protection, or have a humanitarian residence permit.
  • Eco-Certification Scholarships: Designed to strengthen and incentivize the presence of women in STEM and AAE disciplines.


In 2024, the Committee will focus on several initiatives, including a training program for educators and students, promoting and organizing the Women in Transport summer school, and mentoring both university and high school students. Through active collaboration with partner companies and academic institutions, a concerted effort will be made to create real cultural and structural change, inspiring a new generation of professionals and leaders committed to building a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

The primary goal is to foster a more balanced and inclusive environment within the automotive and engineering education sector, working closely with MUNER’s partner companies and academic institutions.

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