MUNER partners unite to launch Gender and Diversity Empowerment Committee

MUNER – Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna has taken a significant step forward in promoting gender equality and diversity in automotive and engineering education with the establishment of the Gender and Diversity Empowerment Committee.

Officially launched in February 2024, this groundbreaking initiative is poised to tackle gender imbalances and promote inclusivity across its network of partner companies and universities. Conceived during the MUNER Board meeting of 5 December 2023, through a collaborative effort of all partners, the Committee is coordinated by Professor Elena Bassoli of MUNER and Unimore, with Professor Vittorio Ravaglioli of MUNER and Unibo in the role of Vice Coordinator.

The Gender and Diversity Empowerment Committee is dedicated to promoting gender balance, equal opportunities and inclusion in the workforce and is committed to fostering a fair and inclusive environment where the talents and abilities of all individuals, regardless of gender, are recognised and used to their full potential.

The Committee’s key objectives include fostering an inclusive corporate and academic culture, involving all stakeholders in decision-making processes, disseminating best practices in gender equality and implementing educational initiatives to raise awareness of these critical issues.

Building on the groundwork laid by previous initiatives such as the Women in Transport Summer School, participation in the Women in Motorcycling campaign and various scholarship programmes, the Committee will continue to spearhead activities aimed at encouraging female participation in STEM and automotive engineering disciplines.

In the coming year, the committee aims to introduce training programmes for educators and students, host the Women In Transport summer school and offer guidance to university and high school students. By working with partner companies and academic institutions, MUNER aims to create tangible cultural and structural change and inspire a new cadre of professionals dedicated to building a more equitable and sustainable future.

Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Haas F1 Team, HPE Group, Marelli, Maserati, Pagani, Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team, together with the University of Bologna, the University of Ferrara, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Parma, are the founding partners of MUNER, which has been joined over the years by eight other companies: ART spa, AVL, Bosch, CNH, Danisi Engineering, MAHLE Aftermarket, Pirelli, St microelectronics.

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