MUNER is located in Motor Valley: the land where some of the world’s leading automotive and motorcycle brands were born and continue to build the legend of speed.

There is a place where time is measured in fractions of a second and distances calculated in miles per hour. A place where children learn to balance on a saddle before they are even stable on their feet. Where the passion for engines is passed down from generation to generation, every garage concealing wonders, large and small.

In this place, a flair and love for design merge to create the world’s most exclusive and highperformance cars and motorcycles. In less than three hours’ travel time, you can reach four different racetracks, each more thrilling than the last, and within a radius of 150 km, you can get lost in more than thirty collections and museums, home to hundreds of unique examples and priceless creations. You can even travel back in time, amidst the roaring and sparkling vintage cars and bikes. In this place, both talent and enjoyment are nurtured and grow hand in hand, while innovation stems from the mind and, particularly, the heart.

It might sound like make-believe, but this place really exists.  It’s in Italy and is located within the Emilia-Romagna region.

This place is known as Motor Valley.



The Association

In order to make the most of the great potential of Motor Valley, the non-profit Motor Valley Development Association was born, with the aim of bringing together major motor brands of the region, corporate museums, private collections, circuits, schools of driving and event organizers in the motoring field.

MUNER is a deep-rooted partner of the association, sharing its objectives, growing and working in the same ground.

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