Unforgettable event at the Dallara Academy with vintage car maestro Lukas Huni

Yesterday was a momentous occasion at the Dallara Academy as renowned vintage car collector Lukas Huni graced us with his expertise and passion for automotive history.

Huni’s public lecture captivated attendees, offering a rare insight into his four decades of experience in the field. From the pristine Lancia Aurelia B20 to the iconic Ferrari Passo Corto, ten classic gems from his collection graced the room, each a testament to automotive artistry and preservation.

Established over 40 years ago, Lukas Huni’s collection stands as a beacon of excellence, showcasing meticulously restored masterpieces alongside pristine originals. His unwavering commitment to the preservation of automotive history shines through each vehicle, captivating enthusiasts and scholars alike.

Take a visual journey through the day’s highlights in our gallery!

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