MUNER Summer School in Off-Highway Vehicle Design: A great success in collaboration with CNH

The first edition of the MUNER Summer School in Off-Highway Vehicle Design, held in partnership with CNH, has concluded today and has been a resounding success. This intensive program, designed for students passionate about off-highway vehicle design, took place over five days of learning, hands-on activities and innovative exploration.

Fifteen enthusiastic students attended the summer school, which provided them with an invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the off-highway vehicle industry. The program included a combination of theoretical lectures, hands-on labs and site visits to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

One of the highlights of the week was a visit to the CNH Modena R&D Center, where students got an inside look at the latest advances in off-highway vehicle technology. The program culminated in a final roundtable discussion full of inspiring speeches.

The collaboration with CNH played a critical role in the success of the summer school, providing students with unique exposure to industry leaders and real-world applications of their studies. The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants was truly inspiring, and we are confident that they will continue to innovate and excel in their future careers.

We are proud of our students and look forward to seeing how they will shape the future of off-highway vehicle design. As they move forward, we encourage them to continue to push boundaries, stay curious and stay passionate about their chosen field.

Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives from MUNER, where the future of automotive and vehicle engineering is being created…

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