“Feed the good wolf” 🎓

MUNER proudly celebrated the newest graduates of its Master’s Degree Program in Advanced Automotive Engineering.

The graduation ceremony, held on Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19, was a significant occasion filled with pride and accomplishment. Students, faculty, and families gathered to honor the hard work and dedication that led to this significant milestone in the graduates’ academic journey.

Prof. Elena Bassoli, Chair of the Graduation Committee, gave an inspiring closing speech, praising the graduates for their great achievements.

She remarked:

“It is always a great pleasure to participate in an occasion of celebration, such as today’s. It is at the same time a moment when a journey ends and new routes open. We have seen how your talent has led you to be selected for this path of excellence, a talent that then took root and led to the fruits that are so evident today. On behalf of the members of the Committee and the entire academic and industrial community that makes up MUNER, I congratulate you on your achievements.”

In her speech, Prof. Bassoli shared a powerful Native American story illustrating the coexistence of two wolves within each person – the good wolf symbolizing positive action and the bad wolf representing negativity. She emphasized the importance of nurturing the good wolf in both one’s personal life and professional endeavors, especially in the field of engineering, where decisions have profound societal implications.

“An engineer’s decisions often have social implications; they determine technological solutions and their impact on the world around us. At the end of this day, I wish you to use your skills and knowledge to feed the good wolf

The ceremony concluded with warm congratulations to all the graduates, who are now embarking on a promising journey as automotive engineering professionals.

👇 Below is a gallery of photos of some of our new ALUMNI 🎓

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