Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna



An innovative methodology based on a learning-by-doing approach

MUNER’s main objective is to search, find and train the engineers of the future. Applying and being selected by MUNER gives the student the unique privilege of studying in 4 of the best engineering environments in Italy, with high quality teaching and expert professors; applying theory to practice with an innovative learning-by-doing approach, training with the best engineers from the Motor Valley with laboratories, seminars and visits directly to our partner companies. Our students can learn to work with top professional equipment, such as the wind tunnel or the F1 simulator, directly in the field.

Partner companies and universities have joined forces to train up-to-date professionals ready for the future automotive world.

The high quality of teaching is reinforced by an Inter-University Coordination Committee, open to partners, that ensures a continuous dialogue between professors and practitioners.

Come and study in the heart ofMotor Valley, be the next engineer designing the vehicles of the future!

MUNER, the Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna, is the result of the synergy and connection between four Italian universities, renowned for their excellence in training, and the Motor Valley companies, which represent the excellence of Made in Italy throughout the world.
Founded in 2017, MUNER has always been strongly supported by the Emilia Romagna Region.

MUNER, together with its partners, has designed and offers 3 high-level Master’s degrees, divided into 8 different curricula, serving over 700 students since it started operating in 2017. Offered in a professional and innovative environment, with access to cutting-edge technology and world-class professionals, these Master Degree Courses are guided by the pedagogical approach of “learning by doing”.

Each Master’s programme is taught in Englishlasts 2 years and has a limited number of places, selecting the most talented young engineers with a passion for innovation in two and four wheel vehicles to develop the future of the industry.

The Master’s Degree Courses that MUNER currently offers are:

  • Electric Vehicle Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles (split into 2 different curricula: Autonomous Driving Engineering and Electronic and Communication Systems)
  • Advanced Automotive Engineering (split into 6 different curricula: Advanced Motorcycle EngineeringAdvanced Powertrain in Bologna CampusAdvanced Powertrain in Modena CampusAdvanced Sportscar ManufacturingHigh Performance Car Design and Racing Car Design)

In 2019, MUNER will also launch a series of Schools characterised by intensive, short-term study programmes, complementing its Master’s degrees with a tailor-made training offer for the different target groups approaching the automotive industry.

These Schools aim to provide experientialhands-on and primary learning experiences within intensive study programmes, equipping current and aspiring professionals with the key knowledge, skills and attitudes to keep pace with and effectively contribute to an approaching revolution that will make mobility an issue of flexibility, sustainability and intelligence, while still demanding speed, reduced weight and robustness.

The schools currently organised by MUNER are:

  •  Italian Motor Valley Experience
  • Women in Transport
  • International Summer School in Industrial Engineering for Advanced Automotive
  • Future of Automotive for Intelligent Mobility
  • Electrical Machines and Drives for Green Transportation Systems
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